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Welcome All…To The Garden Of Eden!


First of all, I want to give a shout out to 2 members here…..Brightlight & Bobbrown!

These 2 members have spent an incredible amount of time answering questions I’ve had over the past 5+ months…when I started my first grow last August I knew NOTHING about growing and since then, they have both been HUGE ‘catalysts’…

Garden Of Eden

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Hi Everyone,

I have a new grow going in a new tent so I thought I should make a diary to share with the international community, please feel free to add comments and criticisms, I am here to learn from everyone after all.

Strains are Green Poison and Cream Mandarine FV
Green Poison is a 70/30 indica dominant skunk Cream Mandarine Fast Version is a 60/40 indica dom hybrid, a mixture of the cream mandarine auto and a nycd genetic.
7 Green Poison and 3 Cream Mandarine FV
The space is a 1.2…

Sweet Seeds Coco LEC Dripper Parti

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– Do you want the best technology available?

– Do you want a good light/heat ratio?

– Do you want value for your money?

– Are you tired of companies trying to push sub par tech?

– Would you like honest recommendations for what type/amount of light is best for growing cannabis?

Then keep reading ;)

Building your own LED growlight is not as hard as it seems at first…

Build Your Own LED Grow Light

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Welcome Everyone​

I am going to start this thread up now, but will be continually adding questions posed to me on various threads or pm’s. There have been many great questions asked and I’ve tried to answer them with the best of my knowledge. I’ve got to go through all my threads and find these questions to repost here, so I’ve got allot of reading to do, please bare with me.

I would like to keep the casual banter to a minimum and information to a maximum within this…

Ask Us Anything – Sharing Knowledge 420Style

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Decided to go with a perpetual grow. Feel free to drop by anytime :48:

I’ve only grown Crop King Seeds and will likely be doing them for a while. Being lucky enough to win a couple of contest and growing only one or two plants at a time has left me a bit seed rich :surf:

I’ve grown a handful of strains (Northern Lights auto, Jack Herer auto, White Widow fem, Amensia Haze auto, Sour Jack fem).

The first of many to come is going to be Early Miss. She soaked last Friday, paper…

Golfer420 – Continuous Grow

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Welcome to my most joyous and most anticipated (by me) grow yet! :woohoo: Due to renovations in our apartment, the tent had to come down, and I have been living vicariously through so many of your journals since. I thank you for that! :thanks: Luckily I find myself truly blessed with several fine jars of buds from my prior harvests to see me through to my next!

It was just a year ago that I re-discovered the healing properties of this beautiful plant! :green_heart:

My first two grows…

LadyGaea’s Cannaversary Grow – Tangielope & Super Lemon Haze With Doc Bud’s High Brix

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Lady G — Sweet Coffee Ryder— Seedsman Sponsored Grow Against Alzheimer’s

Seedsman: About Us

Our company mission and the aim of all our websites is to help preserve cannabis genetics for future generations whilst promoting the need to control and regulate cannabis under a legal framework.

Buy top quality Cannabis Seeds from Seedsman today. Our range of marijuana seeds is one of the largest online, with more than 3000 varieties of Cannabis Seeds available to buy. Our…

Lady G – Seedsman Sponsored Grow – Sweet Coffee Ryder

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So excited to see my latest seed pop. She’s a photoperiod feminized Cinderella-99 by Sumo (Princess X Cinderella 88 genetics). I picked this strain for a) sativa, b) high THC, c) grows short to live in my CheapAss® 2x2x4 grow tent.

She’s currently in the 5-gallon space bucket under 2 “daylight” (high spectrum) CFLs about 4 inches from the dirt. When she’s a week or two old, I’ll move her into the tent with…

Mack Meets Cinderella In Soil – A Love Story In Flux

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My green crack clone experiments

This girl has been vegging in my homemade hydro unit for 13 weeks now. Will be flipping her to flower soon.

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So after getting a vape last month and giving that a shot with 3 different strains I was very disappointed. They all tested different but none were enjoyable.

So this grow I’m hoping to stick something in my vape that actually tastes good.

4 Strains:

Strawberry Amnesia – Mostly Sativa
Tangie – Mostly Sativa
Blue Dream – Mostly Sativa
Sour Diesel – Mostly Sativa

I almost did a Blueberry but it would of been the only indica in the…

Crashdog’s Flavor Train – DWC & A Couple Of Dewey’s

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Recently a good friend on here has seen what some of us here are growing with organic (water only) soils and is wanting to head in that direction. I started my journey organically from the outset but was flying by the seat of my pants and learning as I went.

I big :thumb: to my friend Kraize for his interest in going organic and asking his questions on my thread. This prompted me to compose my research into a single article on Soil Science for him and others to reference as they follow…

The Organic Way: Soil Science 101

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Howdy Fellow Growers,

This is my second indoor grow. The first was last fall and was a single plant (erroneously identified as an Auto Blueberry – ask me if you’re interested) under CFLs. That grow yielded 29g (dry). I have a cheap Chinese 2x2x4 tent in the garage, and have just ordered a Perfect Sun Mini.

Soaked the Auto Kryptonite seed in pH 6.4 (with 2ml/1gal Alaskan kelp plant food) for 18 hrs and then dropped point up into a 4x4x6 plastic pot filled with a pre-moistened mix of 70%…

FelipeBlu’s Auto Jack & Kryptonite – PSMini LED – Root Pouch – Recipe 420

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do not throw away anything …… washing leaves and cutting material, everything did not exceed 20 grams, dried and then frozen for good, only added about 10grams of cut of a previous plant …. !! peace and love ✌️

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A non-binding question on the November ballot would let voters say whether they support legalizing recreational marijuana.

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Cops called the sting “Operation Candy Crush.”

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Officials estimated street value of the marijuana at $600,000.

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The state says it has hauled in roughly $7.4 million in marijuana taxes since collections began in October 2016.

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Democratic state Rep. Cindy Weed says lawmakers may be “jumping the gun.”

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Legalizing marijuana was a major topic at New Jersey’s annual power-player cocktail party, with legislators hesitant to announce their support.

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Authorities in Barron County, Wisconsin say a search of a barn near Comstock uncovered a sophisticated marijuana growing operation.